Since I’m an altruist, (and Luna Margherita Cardilli is too), I decided to share my initiative with a band that deserves attention. The name is cLOSERS, and in a month they’re going to realize their dream: playing live in London. Now, let’s think about these guys playing without fan. It would be terrible, wouldn’t it?

Nevertheless, I’m always afraid of it. As many of you can remember, few months ago, before participating at the Salone del Libro in Turin, I asked to myself “For whom I’m going there, if not for my readers?” So, Luna thought up for me that brilliant idea of getting to Turin by tweets, using the hashtag #DomaniNo. Now I decided to share this idea with them. That’s why I show them on my blog. For whom cLOSERS play, if not for their fan? Do we want to let them play on stage or leave them at the airport?

They have a cool, self-deprecating name. A little bit punk, a little bit losers. They’re inspired by Blink, Green Day and Offspring, but they have their own style. Last year, they released their first Demo, titled “L.A. Party“, with 3 songs, one of them broadcasted by European radios (one from London, another from Belgium), and several U.S. radios. But now they need their fan! Can we manage to let them cover these 70 km? Every tweet’s going to be 1 km. You only got to share the hashtag #WeAreCLOSERS! Come on, do we leave them at the airport?

Cristiano Carriero

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